Leaking breasts…

Yes girls, it’s a very sensible subject, but we can’t deny it. It’s going to happen. And it started at 15 weeks here. When I was 15 weeks pregnant, my breasts started to leak. Some translucent stuff came out of my breasts. It’s not really milk, but colostrum. Colostrum is what you feed your baby before your breasts really start to produce milk. It contains everything your baby needs to grow.

When I first noticed it, I immediately called my mom, because it really looked like pus, but she said everything is fine and I should put some absorbent cotton in my bra to avoid embarrassing situations. I told my boyfriend to not squeeze my boobs anymore, he found it funny I guess, he said he wants to try it.

I was shocked in the first moment, but it’s totally normal. It didn’t hurt at all by the way. I was afraid of the pain it would give me, but the pain (or pressure) comes when the real milk comes. 😛

Yes girls, be prepared.



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