What not to do when you’re pregnant #1

Hey, I thought about making a list of things I did but can’t really recommend while you’re pregnant.

Don’t go to a festival of multiple days. I went to a 9-day festival right in the beginning of my pregnancy. It was no fun at all. First off: I couldn’t drink and everyone around me was drunk during those 9 days. At all times. That was the first thing that wasn’t really nice. The second thing was camping. During your pregnancy you’ll feel a lot more exhausted than usually and you just don’t get the same amount and quality of sleep you would get in a real bed. So if you have to go to a festival, take care of a hotel with a comfortable bed. You also will feel like you have to use the restroom more often than usually and it’s not so nice to visit a portable toilet like every 30 minutes. The showers are filthy too and you can’t change the temperature. Another reason to pick a hotel. The food isn’t very good either, not very healthy anyways. Fat bombs. Start to avoid food like that. You also won’t feel the urge to join the crowd, because you want to be careful and make sure nothing happens to the little one inside you.

Don’t visit amusement parks. I gave my boyfriend tickets for his birthday before we even know we were expecting. So we went there when I was four months pregnant. I couldn’t basically join 90 % of the rides, not even the kiddy coasters or walk-through-rides (haunted house). I don’t exactly know why but I think it’s because of the emotional factor or shock effects that may harm your baby. I went into a couple of rides I wasn’t allowed to go in, like a kiddy coaster and a log flume, but we really made sure that I couldn’t hurt me or my belly and I don’t really feel like adrenaline flushes when I’m on a ride. I didn’t think it was very secure to go into a coaster with loopings, so I left them out. But I basically ruined it for my boyfriend I guess, because he’s a roller coaster maniac, just like me. The next time we’ll go will be when I’m not pregnant and/or when we have someone to take care of the little one.

There aren’t a lot of other things I can think of right now, but I’ll definitely update this list as soon as I encounter another situation. Please feel free to add your experiences in the comments section. 🙂



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