From Aaron to Zytka

It’s not easy girls (and boys).

What name should I give to my child? What name is my child going to wear for the rest of his/her life?
I started to look for names since I know I’m pregnant and it’s really hard. Since I don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl, I browsed like a million websites for baby names (and had a real good laugh). Some names are just flat out stupid, I can tell you.

In the end, out of millions of names, I selected 13 names for boys and 34 names for girls. 47 out of millions!!!

I had a lot of requirements for my names. Some of them are:

  • Not very exotic;
  • Not too long;
  • Something classic, nothing that’s ‘in’ right now;
  • Not hard to spell (I have a problem with this because my name has a million different variations and when I don’t spell it, people write it the wrong way);
  • Nothing to get bullied for;
  • Nothing too American (with a typical ‘whatever country’ last name);
  • Nothing that’s hard to pronounce for people who speak other languages, since my child will be in constant contact with three different languages;
  • Something that fits for a child and an adult;
  • Not a name that’s already in my family or circle of friends.

Without telling too much, one name on my list is ‘Anna’. I think the name matches every single requirement. It’s used in almost every language, everybody knows how to pronounce and how to write it, it’s classic, short, it’s Anna, BOOM! No, I don’t want to name my child ‘Anna’, but I still like the name. I have to discuss this with my boyfriend, since my favourite name is the name of his most recent ex girlfriend. I don’t know if he’d be too happy to name his daughter ‘after her’.

Well, tell me about your thoughts.



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