Gender question and the first kicks…

Yeah, 19 weeks now. Tomorrow we’ll have another ultrasound and hope to find out about the baby’s gender. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see it move, to know everything is okay. Maybe it will wave again. I can’t wait to meet this little creature. I can feel it when I’m sitting sometimes, like there’s a foot in my groin or something. Then I’m scared to move. Even when I’m lying on my back, sometimes I have problems turning around, it doesn’t really hurt, but it’s uncomfortable.

I think I can clearly feel the baby kicking sometimes. The previous movements I noticed and described as kicking, seem more like the feeling you get when you suffer from gas, looking back. As I’m writing this, the little one is busy practising soccer or karate in my belly. I’m not quite sure. 😉

I’ll definitely update this blog tomorrow. And hopefully the blog color will change. 🙂 Be there!



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