The gender… Tadadadaaaaa…

Yes, I promised to give you an update and I apologise it’s a late one, but I had so many things going on concerning my moving into another apartment et cetera. Well. The good news is: everything is as its supposed to be, all organs are there and working. The baby is growing and growing. 🙂

The bad news is: we couldn’t find out about the gender, which was very disappointing, but we didn’t want to interrupt the little one’s yoga exercises in my belly, so we didn’t bother to wait for him/her to get out of his/her Yoga position, which made it impossible to get view on the questionable parts. So, we have to wait a little longer. Honestly, we’ll find out about it anyways, sooner or later. 😀 He/she can’t hide it anymore after the delivery.

We also got a 3D-picture. I hate those pictures, because I really find all these pictures ugly and their eyes really look very creepy, like they are marbles covered in skin or something. The little one looked like he/she is singing, kinda a smiley face, which made me laugh. My boyfriend thought the same. He said: “well, that looks ugly, hopefully the kid is going to look more like me in a couple of months, in the beginning they always look like their mother.” I had to laugh so hard and just said: “Well, the little one still has a couple of months left to get a little bit cuter.”

So, the next appointment is on December 18th. Maybe we know a bit more by then, but I’ll definitely keep you updated.



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