Getting bigger, feeling stressed etc.

Hi guys,

first off: we still don’t know the gender, our little one isn’t quite the shower. Well, I’m getting bigger now, like really big. It’s kind off annoying, since I’ve never reached the 100 lbs in my whole life, I can’t even tie my shoes properly. It really seems like I’m getting bigger every day, as much that even I notice it!

The little one has been very very active within the last week, but for a couple of days now I’m really begging him/her to give me a kick, just for relief, to know everything is alright. I may be too concerned sometimes, so I start to poke my belly and HOPE that I’ll get a response. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I even bought a musical plush toy with a lullaby. Sometimes the little one reacts to that. Last week I put it on my belly and the baby kicked it right off! That was really funny.

Well, do you have any tips to get the baby kicking? I’m listening. 😛

I also have a lot of things to do and I have the feeling that I can’t manage everything on my own, especially with my moving into a bigger apartment, I don’t even have time to unpack boxes, I have the feeling that I’m working 24/7 and basically I am. I have been in a big fight with my previous landlord (he’s just greedy) and he doesn’t want to pay back the 1.500 bucks he owes me, deposit and a part of the last rent. That something that’s really working on my nerves right now. 😦 But I don’t feel like taking a lawyer. 😥

xoxo and merry x-mas


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