Scary things happen… :P

Well, this isn’t supposed to sound as it probably does. You might know, pregnancy comes with a lot of disadvantages too. The one I’m talking about today is “NEEDLES”!!! Yeah, during your pregnancy you’ll encounter them- a scary lot of times. I thinks I’ve been to the doctor like 10 times already during my pregnancy, monthly appointments for ultrasounds and when I thought something was wrong. Every single time they either took blood samples or gave me injections, I happen to be 0 negative. Blood type 0 and rhesus factor -, which really sucks. Two days ago, I got my Anti-D- injection, which happens around week 29 when your rhesus factor is negative. A couple of minutes after the injection I fainted.

Yesterday, I had to do a glucose tolerance test. This means: you’re not allowed to eat or drink within the 12 hours before the test. Usually they take a blood sample on an empty stomach. After that, you’ll get a disgusting drink which wants to make you puke- pure sugar. After one hour they take another blood sample and after two hours the third one. Okay. This is what happened to me: I went there, they tried to get a blood sample but it didn’t work. After they put in the needle for the third time, my body allowed them to get a little bit of my blood. Then I had to drink the sugar stuff and had to wait for an hour, but after about 30 minutes, I fainted. They put me into a recovery room where I could lie down and fell asleep. After 30 minutes they woke me up for the fourth prick. After that I fell asleep again for an hour until they woke me for the last blood sample. They put a needle into my arm for the fifth time that day- and I thought I’m finished. I just wanted to leave but then they told me they forgot to do an Anti-D screening and they need a blood sample. The only thing I thought was: “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!” I put up my sleeves, my veins in my crook were red/blue/swollen, I looked like a junkie. The girl who was supposed to take the blood test started panicking and said: “No, I can’t do that, I’m just a trainee, when I put a needle in there, your veins are going to explode. You’re getting some really bruises there already, I’m going to call someone.” The sixth time wasn’t worse than the 5 before, but I’m really done with needles for now… Until… Wednesday… My next appointment… Haha…



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