Baby everywhere… :)

Hey guys,

my boyfriend and I visited his parents last week, actually because of a sad reason: taking my boyfriend to the airport and saying goodbye for 6 months, because he had to fly to Cape Town for a job.

Well, when we were sitting together at night, with his parents, his sister and her boyfriend (who prepared a delicious meal), I was holding my belly and for the first time something felt different. Usually when I held my belly I didn’t feel anything until the little girl decided to kick, but this time, I felt her when she wasn’t. She is so big now, I can feel her body parts through my belly, which is kinda amazing. I mean ‘WOW’, there really is a human inside my belly. I can feel her bones, I can feel her head, her hands, her feet, her booty, her back, her knees. I’m dreaming about her very often and I wonder what she’ll look like. I still have ‘officially’ 60 days to go (I don’t think it’ll be that long though) and I’m getting more excited to meet her every day. I just can’t wait any longer. I’d love to hold her in my arms NOW, to hug her, to kiss her, to smell her. I just can’t describe this feeling. When I think of her, it’s just love that I feel. I’m taking to her very often, calling her name (YAY, we finally have a name!) and she responds very often, which is also amazing. Since her daddy is gone, I’m telling her about him very often. How handsome, how smart and how amazing he is and that I just choose the best daddy for her I could imagine.

Still, it’s all so surreal. I’m having contractions a couple of times every day and I can’t wait to see the doctor next week for the CTG.

I’ll try to go back to sleep for now. My cats are cuddly (what I find very annoying the last couple of days) and I’m very tired.



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