The greatest love of all

Hey! Long time no see as you may have noticed! And as you may have noticed, our little baby girl has arrived a couple of weeks ago. She will be 6 weeks tomorrow! Time flies, it really does!

Actually my due date was 04/18/15, but I already had contractions when I was 35 weeks pregnant and was hospitalized for a week. From week 36, my doc told me that she could arrive every second.

The plan was that my boyfriend would come back from Cape Town on 04/10/15 until 04/26/15, so he would arrive at my place on 04/11/15 in the afternoon. I begged him to change his flight, so he came back on 03/28/15 and had to fly back on 04/10/15, so he had to leave on 04/09/15 in the afternoon.

We were waiting patiently for the little one but soon found out that she probably won’t make it until 04/10/15. So I begged him again to stay another week. And luckily he did.

Funny, the real contractions started at 3 AM on 04/10/15. And the little one was born on 2.18 AM on 04/11/15. One way or another, if he wouldn’t have changed his flight back or sticked to the original plan, he wouldn’t have had the possibility to experience the delivery but luckily he did. And he’s such a proud dad, even when he sees his daughter again for the first time at the end of july.

In my upcoming post, I’ll give you the complete insights of THE HAPPENING and how we tried to force it. 😉



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