The delivery

Well, I wanted to write earlier about this and to be honest, I don’t remember much. That’s why this post is rather shorter than the post I had in mind when I decided to write about it, 8 months ago. The delivery. It’s more than eight months ago now and I forgot about the pain and everything that came with it.

I was in pain for about 22 hours. I cried, I screamed, I thought I’m going insane. But then after all these hours I was holding my little baby girl and the pain was gone. Everything was peaceful, silent, love was in the air. ❤

I gave birth naturally and the labor pain was terrible. But it’s not like I’d say I wouldn’t do it again. Having a baby is a miracle. It’s overwhelming, it’s beautiful, amazing, amazingly exhausting (let’s be honest). But I’ll do it again, I’m sure!

I recovered really quickly and everything is like it was before, except my weight. Since the delivery, I gained 30 lbs and I have no idea why! I work out, I’m busy, I’m eating healthy and so on. I have to get my thyroid checked.

I will fight these 30 lbs. I want to get back in shape again. I’m also very happy about tips on this matter.



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