The delivery

Well, I wanted to write earlier about this and to be honest, I don’t remember much. That’s why this post is rather shorter than the post I had in mind when I decided to write about it, 8 months ago. The delivery. It’s more than eight months ago now and I forgot about the pain and everything that came with it.

I was in pain for about 22 hours. I cried, I screamed, I thought I’m going insane. But then after all these hours I was holding my little baby girl and the pain was gone. Everything was peaceful, silent, love was in the air. ❤

I gave birth naturally and the labor pain was terrible. But it’s not like I’d say I wouldn’t do it again. Having a baby is a miracle. It’s overwhelming, it’s beautiful, amazing, amazingly exhausting (let’s be honest). But I’ll do it again, I’m sure!

I recovered really quickly and everything is like it was before, except my weight. Since the delivery, I gained 30 lbs and I have no idea why! I work out, I’m busy, I’m eating healthy and so on. I have to get my thyroid checked.

I will fight these 30 lbs. I want to get back in shape again. I’m also very happy about tips on this matter.



Baby everywhere… :)

Hey guys,

my boyfriend and I visited his parents last week, actually because of a sad reason: taking my boyfriend to the airport and saying goodbye for 6 months, because he had to fly to Cape Town for a job.

Well, when we were sitting together at night, with his parents, his sister and her boyfriend (who prepared a delicious meal), I was holding my belly and for the first time something felt different. Usually when I held my belly I didn’t feel anything until the little girl decided to kick, but this time, I felt her when she wasn’t. She is so big now, I can feel her body parts through my belly, which is kinda amazing. I mean ‘WOW’, there really is a human inside my belly. I can feel her bones, I can feel her head, her hands, her feet, her booty, her back, her knees. I’m dreaming about her very often and I wonder what she’ll look like. I still have ‘officially’ 60 days to go (I don’t think it’ll be that long though) and I’m getting more excited to meet her every day. I just can’t wait any longer. I’d love to hold her in my arms NOW, to hug her, to kiss her, to smell her. I just can’t describe this feeling. When I think of her, it’s just love that I feel. I’m taking to her very often, calling her name (YAY, we finally have a name!) and she responds very often, which is also amazing. Since her daddy is gone, I’m telling her about him very often. How handsome, how smart and how amazing he is and that I just choose the best daddy for her I could imagine.

Still, it’s all so surreal. I’m having contractions a couple of times every day and I can’t wait to see the doctor next week for the CTG.

I’ll try to go back to sleep for now. My cats are cuddly (what I find very annoying the last couple of days) and I’m very tired.


Scary things happen… :P

Well, this isn’t supposed to sound as it probably does. You might know, pregnancy comes with a lot of disadvantages too. The one I’m talking about today is “NEEDLES”!!! Yeah, during your pregnancy you’ll encounter them- a scary lot of times. I thinks I’ve been to the doctor like 10 times already during my pregnancy, monthly appointments for ultrasounds and when I thought something was wrong. Every single time they either took blood samples or gave me injections, I happen to be 0 negative. Blood type 0 and rhesus factor -, which really sucks. Two days ago, I got my Anti-D- injection, which happens around week 29 when your rhesus factor is negative. A couple of minutes after the injection I fainted.

Yesterday, I had to do a glucose tolerance test. This means: you’re not allowed to eat or drink within the 12 hours before the test. Usually they take a blood sample on an empty stomach. After that, you’ll get a disgusting drink which wants to make you puke- pure sugar. After one hour they take another blood sample and after two hours the third one. Okay. This is what happened to me: I went there, they tried to get a blood sample but it didn’t work. After they put in the needle for the third time, my body allowed them to get a little bit of my blood. Then I had to drink the sugar stuff and had to wait for an hour, but after about 30 minutes, I fainted. They put me into a recovery room where I could lie down and fell asleep. After 30 minutes they woke me up for the fourth prick. After that I fell asleep again for an hour until they woke me for the last blood sample. They put a needle into my arm for the fifth time that day- and I thought I’m finished. I just wanted to leave but then they told me they forgot to do an Anti-D screening and they need a blood sample. The only thing I thought was: “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!” I put up my sleeves, my veins in my crook were red/blue/swollen, I looked like a junkie. The girl who was supposed to take the blood test started panicking and said: “No, I can’t do that, I’m just a trainee, when I put a needle in there, your veins are going to explode. You’re getting some really bruises there already, I’m going to call someone.” The sixth time wasn’t worse than the 5 before, but I’m really done with needles for now… Until… Wednesday… My next appointment… Haha…


Gender question solved!!!

Oh my god! I’m so glad to announce the BIG news! Because of the colours, it might not be a big surprise for you, BUT it’s a girl!!! A little baby girl!!! I’m 29 weeks now and yesterday we got the news. I couldn’t be happier! To be honest, I would say the same if it would be a boy, because I really don’t care about the gender, but hey, it’s official now, we can start to think of names (what I actually do since week 6!) and can stop to buy gender neutral baby clothes! It feels like we’ve passed a big milestone. I was expecting the little one to be a girl, but hey, we saw it! Some readers might think I’m a maniac or a fanatic, but I just can’t express how happy I am.

Monday I have to get my anti-D injection and then starts the really thrilling phase, I think. My boyfriend leaves for South Africa for 6 months and I’m all on my own, but I think I’ll manage. 🙂 I just can’t wait to hold my little, beautiful baby girl.

I can’t sleep through anymore, somehow I have the feeling that my body is preparing for after the delivery. I bought a huge pregnancy pillow, which makes the nights more comfortable though.



Getting bigger, feeling stressed etc.

Hi guys,

first off: we still don’t know the gender, our little one isn’t quite the shower. Well, I’m getting bigger now, like really big. It’s kind off annoying, since I’ve never reached the 100 lbs in my whole life, I can’t even tie my shoes properly. It really seems like I’m getting bigger every day, as much that even I notice it!

The little one has been very very active within the last week, but for a couple of days now I’m really begging him/her to give me a kick, just for relief, to know everything is alright. I may be too concerned sometimes, so I start to poke my belly and HOPE that I’ll get a response. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I even bought a musical plush toy with a lullaby. Sometimes the little one reacts to that. Last week I put it on my belly and the baby kicked it right off! That was really funny.

Well, do you have any tips to get the baby kicking? I’m listening. 😛

I also have a lot of things to do and I have the feeling that I can’t manage everything on my own, especially with my moving into a bigger apartment, I don’t even have time to unpack boxes, I have the feeling that I’m working 24/7 and basically I am. I have been in a big fight with my previous landlord (he’s just greedy) and he doesn’t want to pay back the 1.500 bucks he owes me, deposit and a part of the last rent. That something that’s really working on my nerves right now. 😦 But I don’t feel like taking a lawyer. 😥

xoxo and merry x-mas

Playing with my baby…

Hey! Since I noticed my little one’s first kicks, I started to tease back. In the beginning he/she didn’t really bother, but now, the baby responds to me poking my belly whenever and wherever I poke it. It’s even a more beautiful feeling, since it really is some kind of strange interaction, you poking your belly and the little one hitting right that spot a couple of moments later. I know, it’s not a really long post, but I just wanted to share this. You know, I have a lot of stress right now and my days are ruined oftentimes when I get home, but when I’m lying down, or even when I’m driving in my car, this little miracle in my belly just makes my day. Every day. 🙂


The gender… Tadadadaaaaa…

Yes, I promised to give you an update and I apologise it’s a late one, but I had so many things going on concerning my moving into another apartment et cetera. Well. The good news is: everything is as its supposed to be, all organs are there and working. The baby is growing and growing. 🙂

The bad news is: we couldn’t find out about the gender, which was very disappointing, but we didn’t want to interrupt the little one’s yoga exercises in my belly, so we didn’t bother to wait for him/her to get out of his/her Yoga position, which made it impossible to get view on the questionable parts. So, we have to wait a little longer. Honestly, we’ll find out about it anyways, sooner or later. 😀 He/she can’t hide it anymore after the delivery.

We also got a 3D-picture. I hate those pictures, because I really find all these pictures ugly and their eyes really look very creepy, like they are marbles covered in skin or something. The little one looked like he/she is singing, kinda a smiley face, which made me laugh. My boyfriend thought the same. He said: “well, that looks ugly, hopefully the kid is going to look more like me in a couple of months, in the beginning they always look like their mother.” I had to laugh so hard and just said: “Well, the little one still has a couple of months left to get a little bit cuter.”

So, the next appointment is on December 18th. Maybe we know a bit more by then, but I’ll definitely keep you updated.