At what point of the relationship stops a man to look at you?

Hey everybody,

I was wondering at what point of the relationship a man stops to look at his woman. When it seems like I’m pulling the Carrie- Bradshaw right now, it isn’t really my intention.

All you want is a compliment, you’re literally fishing for it and the reaction you get is “What’s different?”. I want to scream “I LOST 20 LBS OVERNIGHT YOU JERK!”, but say “Nothing” instead. You have to know that I had a baby 8,5 months ago and those extra 30 lbs still stick with me. My boyfriend thinks I’m too fat and so do I. So I bought underwear that make me look 30 lbs thinner. I swear it works!!! AND HE DOESN’T SEE IT?! What’s the point? He thinks I’m too fat, but he doesn’t see it when I magically lost 30 lbs?! What can I do right?!

I mean it’s not that you don’t see a difference, is it?

Our relationship is very different from what it was before we moved in together. 9 of 10 times we go to bed at different times. Sex happens like once a month or less, instead of every day. It’s so frustrating. That’s also why I keep asking myself if I’m still what he wants me to be.

Any suggestions what I could try or do?