Getting bigger, feeling stressed etc.

Hi guys,

first off: we still don’t know the gender, our little one isn’t quite the shower. Well, I’m getting bigger now, like really big. It’s kind off annoying, since I’ve never reached the 100 lbs in my whole life, I can’t even tie my shoes properly. It really seems like I’m getting bigger every day, as much that even I notice it!

The little one has been very very active within the last week, but for a couple of days now I’m really begging him/her to give me a kick, just for relief, to know everything is alright. I may be too concerned sometimes, so I start to poke my belly and HOPE that I’ll get a response. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I even bought a musical plush toy with a lullaby. Sometimes the little one reacts to that. Last week I put it on my belly and the baby kicked it right off! That was really funny.

Well, do you have any tips to get the baby kicking? I’m listening. 😛

I also have a lot of things to do and I have the feeling that I can’t manage everything on my own, especially with my moving into a bigger apartment, I don’t even have time to unpack boxes, I have the feeling that I’m working 24/7 and basically I am. I have been in a big fight with my previous landlord (he’s just greedy) and he doesn’t want to pay back the 1.500 bucks he owes me, deposit and a part of the last rent. That something that’s really working on my nerves right now. 😦 But I don’t feel like taking a lawyer. 😥

xoxo and merry x-mas


Playing with my baby…

Hey! Since I noticed my little one’s first kicks, I started to tease back. In the beginning he/she didn’t really bother, but now, the baby responds to me poking my belly whenever and wherever I poke it. It’s even a more beautiful feeling, since it really is some kind of strange interaction, you poking your belly and the little one hitting right that spot a couple of moments later. I know, it’s not a really long post, but I just wanted to share this. You know, I have a lot of stress right now and my days are ruined oftentimes when I get home, but when I’m lying down, or even when I’m driving in my car, this little miracle in my belly just makes my day. Every day. 🙂


The gender… Tadadadaaaaa…

Yes, I promised to give you an update and I apologise it’s a late one, but I had so many things going on concerning my moving into another apartment et cetera. Well. The good news is: everything is as its supposed to be, all organs are there and working. The baby is growing and growing. 🙂

The bad news is: we couldn’t find out about the gender, which was very disappointing, but we didn’t want to interrupt the little one’s yoga exercises in my belly, so we didn’t bother to wait for him/her to get out of his/her Yoga position, which made it impossible to get view on the questionable parts. So, we have to wait a little longer. Honestly, we’ll find out about it anyways, sooner or later. 😀 He/she can’t hide it anymore after the delivery.

We also got a 3D-picture. I hate those pictures, because I really find all these pictures ugly and their eyes really look very creepy, like they are marbles covered in skin or something. The little one looked like he/she is singing, kinda a smiley face, which made me laugh. My boyfriend thought the same. He said: “well, that looks ugly, hopefully the kid is going to look more like me in a couple of months, in the beginning they always look like their mother.” I had to laugh so hard and just said: “Well, the little one still has a couple of months left to get a little bit cuter.”

So, the next appointment is on December 18th. Maybe we know a bit more by then, but I’ll definitely keep you updated.


Gender question and the first kicks…

Yeah, 19 weeks now. Tomorrow we’ll have another ultrasound and hope to find out about the baby’s gender. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see it move, to know everything is okay. Maybe it will wave again. I can’t wait to meet this little creature. I can feel it when I’m sitting sometimes, like there’s a foot in my groin or something. Then I’m scared to move. Even when I’m lying on my back, sometimes I have problems turning around, it doesn’t really hurt, but it’s uncomfortable.

I think I can clearly feel the baby kicking sometimes. The previous movements I noticed and described as kicking, seem more like the feeling you get when you suffer from gas, looking back. As I’m writing this, the little one is busy practising soccer or karate in my belly. I’m not quite sure. 😉

I’ll definitely update this blog tomorrow. And hopefully the blog color will change. 🙂 Be there!



Hey girls,

did you notice contractions in your ‘early’ pregnancy? I have them since week 16. Does it hurt? No, but it feels strange. Your belly gets all hard and stays like that for a while. It’s like poking a chubby person and a couple of seconds later someone who has a six pack. It feels like a strong pressure on your bladder. But the funny thing is, when lying on your back, you feel exactly where the baby lies and you might even feel it kicking.

I also have stitches on the right side very often. I think I should let the doc check what it is. And maybe I finally get to know if it’s a boy or a girl. 🙂 I’ll definitely let you know!


From Aaron to Zytka

It’s not easy girls (and boys).

What name should I give to my child? What name is my child going to wear for the rest of his/her life?
I started to look for names since I know I’m pregnant and it’s really hard. Since I don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl, I browsed like a million websites for baby names (and had a real good laugh). Some names are just flat out stupid, I can tell you.

In the end, out of millions of names, I selected 13 names for boys and 34 names for girls. 47 out of millions!!!

I had a lot of requirements for my names. Some of them are:

  • Not very exotic;
  • Not too long;
  • Something classic, nothing that’s ‘in’ right now;
  • Not hard to spell (I have a problem with this because my name has a million different variations and when I don’t spell it, people write it the wrong way);
  • Nothing to get bullied for;
  • Nothing too American (with a typical ‘whatever country’ last name);
  • Nothing that’s hard to pronounce for people who speak other languages, since my child will be in constant contact with three different languages;
  • Something that fits for a child and an adult;
  • Not a name that’s already in my family or circle of friends.

Without telling too much, one name on my list is ‘Anna’. I think the name matches every single requirement. It’s used in almost every language, everybody knows how to pronounce and how to write it, it’s classic, short, it’s Anna, BOOM! No, I don’t want to name my child ‘Anna’, but I still like the name. I have to discuss this with my boyfriend, since my favourite name is the name of his most recent ex girlfriend. I don’t know if he’d be too happy to name his daughter ‘after her’.

Well, tell me about your thoughts.